Portsmouth Athenaeum 2017 Program Series

Secrets & Treasurers

200 Years At The Portsmouth Athenaeum

The 2017 Program Series explores several intriguing aspects of the past 200 years at the Portsmouth Athenaeum.

. Discover which of our Proprietors was rescued from the sea after a plane malfunction and held by the Russians during the Cold War.

. Be entertained by the whimsical work of one of our most well-known Proprietors through the talents of Pontine Theatre.

. Examine some of our most extraordinary artifacts amd be amazed with the stories they tell. Early next year, a postcard will arrive in your mailbox, describing these wonders and revealing the schedule for the 2017 program series.

Until then, indulge in one of the primary traits of our collective character -- Curiosity.

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Each program begins at 7:00pm in the Research Library of the Portsmouth Athenæum at 9 Market Square in Portsmouth, NH.

Attendance at programs is free for Athenæum Proprietors, Subscribers and Friends.  Guests and members of the public are welcome to attend the entire series by becoming a Friend of the Athenæum for as little as $25 per year, payable via mail or at the door. Admission to an individual program is $10.

Reservations are required. Please call (603) 431-2538, Ext. 2 for reservations up to 48 hours in advance.