Unless otherwise noted, all events are free and open to the public. Reservations are requested, since space is limited.
Call (603)431-2538 for reservations.

November 19, Wednesday 

The 2014 lecture series, “Putting New England on the Map:  400th Anniversary of Captain John Smith’s Voyage”“The Mortal Sea: Fishing the Atlantic in the Age of Sail”  Jeffrey Bolster.
7 p.m. in the Research Library. Free to Athenaeum Members. $10 General Admission. The “John Smith” lecture series is sponsored by UBS Financial Services. Reservations are requested, since space is limited. Call (603)431-2538 for reservations
For more information go to our Speakers page.


November 27, Monday
Exhibit Norma Bernstein Smith: Talented Artist, Adventursome Spirit closes.

December 5, Friday
Annual Athenaeum Holiday Gala – Invitations are forthcoming.

December 6, Saturday
The annual Proprietors’ Show opens in the Randall Gallery.

December 9, Tuesday
Book talk: Ice Ship: The Epic Adventures of the Polar Explorer Fram, by Charles W. Johnson.  The book presents the story of an extraordinary ship, the Fram, from conception to construction, through twenty years and three historical expeditions, to its final resting place as a museum. Mr. Johnson’s presentation includes a slide show of selected images from the many beautiful vintage photographs in the book. Imagine planning to live on a ship for three years while it’s stuck in the ice (they actually planned for this) or trying to return by sled, pulled by 100 dogs that, one-by-one, become dinner, just to survive, as you travel along. In the book we are introduced to men who were truly committed to exploring uncharted areas of the world. 5:30 pm in the Research Library.

December 18, Thursday
Book launch celebration for Prof. Dane Morrison’s book True Yankees: The South Seas and the Discovery of American Identity (Johns Hopkins University). Drawing on private journals, letters, ships’ logs, memoirs, and newspaper accounts, True Yankees traces America’s earliest encounters on a global stage through the exhilarating experiences of five Yankee seafarers. The accounts of these adventurous travelers reveal how they and hundreds of other mariners and expatriates influenced the ways in which Americans defined themselves, thereby creating a genuinely brash national character—the "true Yankee." Readers who love history and stories of exploration on the high seas will devour this gripping tale. 5:30 p.m. in the Reading Room.

January 22, Thursday
Memorial Concert honoring Proprietors who have passed in 2014.
Time and location to be annouced.


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